My New Obsession…..

I’ve somewhat recently become obsessed with nutrition and foods (healthy foods). With that being said I’ve also become obsessed with pinterest. Theres so many recipes and food options on there that I’ve been frantically “pinning” to try.

This morning I made egg whites with a different assortment of veggies baked in a cupcake tin. Delicious. Except I forgot to spray the cupcake tins before I made them. I’m always forgetting something, it’s a trademark move of mine when baking. Well, they still came out great and you can save them for breakfast the rest of the week!
All you have to do is add the veggies you want, for example I added some tomatoes and peppers to a couple; then spinach, tomato and feta to another, and just cheese and peppers to one. It’s great to use up any zip locked veggies from dinner/lunch the day before. Now with the oven at 350 you bake for 20 minutes. –in the mean time I did a hair treatment(egg yolk and olive oil).

I also went ahead and used up my left over quinoa for a muffin recipe. Theyre delicious and full of protein from the quinoa. I can’t take credit for the recipe so here’s the recipe link.

More favorite discovered recipes to come along with the trials and tribulations involved in each!

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