Spirulina in the Morning

In researching some healthy options recently, I came across Spirulina. It’s a supplement with huge amounts of protein, iron, omega-6 and 3 and tons of other vitamins making it an amazing super-supplement. Now in my research, which didn’t go very far (I was sidetracked), I found that it is a blue-green algae found in supplement form- oral vitamins.

I jotted down a note in my phone’s memo pad to remind me to check into it at a later date. Well coincidence or not, my mother brought me home some little protein mix package samples from Nature’s Pantry the next day. Guess what they were…..Image

A cleverly derived name I must add. Spirutein is a protein powder form of Spirulina. It’s also delicious. The flavors I’ve been using all week were: Black Cherry Chocolate (personal fav), Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, and a green vegetable one (the name is escaping my memory). There are tons more flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, smores and more fruity flavors for those afraid of the dark side of sweet and chocolatey. We bought these at Nature’s Pantry but apparently they’re available just about all over google. Amazon has a selection as well as other sources you can find through google search.

It’s great for breakfast after an early morning mini workout. It fills you right up and you’re satiated for hours. It really eliminates cravings too, and that’s coming from someone who knows a thing or two about cravings. You also don’t need to blend it. If your milk isn’t cold enough, you can blend with a couple ice cubes to make more refreshing, but a shaker works just fine. Also try it out with almond milk- that was my choice.

Check it out yourself and enjoy!

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