The Stress of a Fracture

I’ve played lacrosse for the past 8 years of my life. Sadly that time is over now since I’ve graduated college.

I’ve had shin splints about 6 of the 8 years. Sometimes they’re tough to get through, other times it doesn’t even bother me. But the last season of my lacrosse playing days was the worst.

My shin was in some serious pain towards the last few games of the season, but I wasn’t going to stop playing 4 games just for that, not even when the quad of my opposite leg joined in and made it hard to even walk each day. Woe is me.

So after the season was over I got x-rays and an MRI and found out it was a stress fracture. So the moral of the story is, ever since about mid May I’ve been told to avoid high impact activities, i.e. running, for 6 weeks.

This was devastating. I really love to run and I was just getting into really enjoying high impact workouts that pushed me past my limits. Cross fit went out the window.

I’ll stop dragging on and get to the point. Today I did my little three mile walk like grandma and thought, “it’s been long enough,” and finished the last mile and a half with a run. It felt amazing! I’m so glad to finally be back! I wasn’t even winded which is great news. My doctor appointment is this coming Thursday to “ease me back into it” but I guess I was fine starting on my own.

So my advice for anyone whose diagnosed with a stress fracture and told to keep it low key, try some of these workouts. They’re what got me through those 6 weeks and kept me active.

Stationary/Speed Bike & Elliptical Workouts: (I got most of these offline and some from my lacrosse coach. I don’t have the url for the ones from the website, sorry, but everything is searchable on google)

Interval 1: 30 mins

5 min warm up.                         2 min climb

2 min baseline.                         2 min downhill

2 min climb.                              1 min hill sprint

2 min downhill                           2 min baseline

1 min sprint                               2 min sprint

2 min baseline                          2 min baseline

(continued next colomn)          5 min cooldown————————- 30 minutes.

see below for description:

————Interval 1: Decription:——————

5 min warm-up——-5

2 min baseline——–7

I use speed of 6, you can use more or less and increase as you get more comfortable with it

the baseline should be a speed that is just slightly uncomfortable, not too easy, not too hard

2 minute climbing pyramid—9

what you do here is start at your baseline then every 15 seconds you increase by one, for 2 mins.

ex: start at 6, 15 seconds later you go to 7, then 8…up to 13(if you start at 6) it is increasing by 7 speeds by the end of 2 mins. it gets tough when you get up to 13 and you dont have to go for speed here, just consistency and effort

2 min decreasing pyramid—-11

same as climbing, but now you go down from 13 to 6 and remain at 6

1 min sprint——12

at speed of 5 or 6 (your baseline or one below)

2 min baseline—–14

2 min climbing pyramid—–16

2 min decreasing pyramid——18

1 min hill sprint——19

this is as fast as you can for the climbing pyramid- tough but rewarding- you can start at a lower baseline and work your way up.

2 min baseline——21

2 min sprint——-23

2 min baseline—–25

5 min cooldown—–30 mins

Interval 2: 18 mins

I like this one for the elliptical, nice for bike too though. For the low: dont let it get lower than 4.5 speed and for the high dont go lower than 6.5- try to stay at 7 (For those of you more advanced, sorry for the wussy speeds).

3 min warm up

30 high [3:30], 1 min low [4:30]

45 high [5:15] , 1 min low [6:15]

1 min high [7:15], 1 min low [8:15]

1.30 high [9:45], 1 min low [10:45]

1 min high [11:45], 1 min low [12:45]

45 high [13:30], 1 min low [14:30]

30 high [15]

3 min cool down [18]

Interval 3: You can do this one twice through. This is more for a spinning bike

1 min hard                            1 min hard

30 sec easy                          30 sec easy

1 min hard                            1 min hard

20 sec easy                          30 sec easy

30 on, 20 off                         20 on, 30 off

20 on, 10 off                         10 on, 20 off

10 on, 30 off                         30 on, 10 off

→ ↑                     1 min hard, 1 min easy cool down

Interval 4: 44 mins

Warm up 2 mins                               30 on, 5 of x 8

10 sec on, 10 off x12                       20 sec easy

20 on, 20 off x 6                               1 min hard

30 on, 30 off x 5                                1 min easy

1min hard                                          15 sec on, 5 off x 6

30 sec easy                                       1 min hard, 30 easy x 4

1 min hard                                          2 min cool down

30 sec easy

10 on, 5 off x 12

20 on, 5 off x 12    → ↑

Interval 5: 32 mins

2 min warm up         10 on, 10 off

40 on, 15 off             15 on, 5 off

15 on, 45 off              moderate 1 min

30 on, 30 off               repeat 4 times

20 on, 20 off               cool down 1 min

30 on, 20 off   → ↑

Interval 6: 40 mins

2 min warm up                        1 min hard

1 min hard                               30 sec on, 15 off x 4

20 sec on, 10 off x 4               1 min easy (recovery)

10 on, 10 off x 9                       repeat 4 times

2 min cool down


Once I get back into running more I’ll share my new running intervals.

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