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Cape Cod Cuisine

If you’re going (or have been) to Cape Cod– you’re in for a culinary treat.

In four days my boyfriend and I tried just about every genre of dine in eating. We had fancy dinners at Italian restaurants, to hometown breakfasts at small, make shift diners. But no matter what the atmosphere, neither of us had a complaint about the food.

Between bi-plane rides and horseback trails we were able to squeeze in breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I tried new dishes, and enjoyed old favorites and we even allowed ourselves to splurge a little on some amazing gourmet cupcakes.

For the first time I tried duck. With that being said, it was a-top a salad so I wasn’t so bold as to order a full roast duck, but I will say it was tasty. Swordfish was another first for me on the vaca- also delicious.

If you’ve never tried seafood before and you may be weary of the freshness due to living inland, this is the place to try it. The fish and shrimp tasted fresh every time and I assume that since it’s a location so close to the water, the accessibility to fresh seafood is much higher.

However my favorite meal was our dinner the second night at an Asian cuisine restaurant (named for its cuisine, “Asia”). They featured Asian, Japanese and Chinese food with Italian dessert choices which I found strange, but to each their own! The price was great for 2 giant cocktails, edamame, a rainbow roll (my boyfriend’s first taste of that), Chicken with Pine Nuts (lettuce wrap style) and a Shrimp and Vegetable plate. Of course we ordered our own separate dishes, but the best part of each meal was that we shared everything.

We got a taste of what Cape Cod had to offer, literally. I definitely recommend the trip and suggest that you don’t stray from dining out, splurge and little and enjoy the delicious dishes of Cape Cod.

Some of the titles of places we tried while in Mashpee, MA:

Wicked Fire Kissed Pizza– delicious and healthy choices for pizzas as well as a great selection of salads and entrees

Percy’s Place- hometown diner

Siena– Italian restaurant, delicious yet a little pricey

Asia– the Japanese/Chinese/Asian restaurant, Sushi bar

—others are escaping my memory, but if you’re interested leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with more.

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