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Folly: SuperSlicer gone wrong

So I titled this blog Food, Fitness and Folly and have yet to produce the real folly that is me… here goes…

Disclaimer: Not for those with weak stomachs.

I recently blogged about my new favorite…the superslicer. Well the superslicer turned on me while I was carelessly misusing it.

While making a delicious eggplant parm from an authentic Italian Cookbook from my mother for my past birthday, I decided to see how far my slicer could go. I wanted to slice the mozzarella on the slicer to get the most out of it and the perfect slice. It was working great, but be advised that they are not joking when they say use the guard. The guard didnt’ have as great a grip as my hand on the mozzarella and one little slippage of the finger and there went a hunk of skin from my right index finger.

Well, I patched up my finger to finish the meal (sanitary I promise). Although my finger suffered, the stomachs of my family did not because that baked eggplant parm was delicious, as was my homemade plum tomato sauce to accompany it.

I went to the doctor and she assured me my skin will grow back and it will be good as new.

The superslicer has not seen the last of me, although I do cringe when I look at mozzarella now…

Moral of the story: Use caution when using any sharp objects (really should be common sense) and don’t think you’re too good to join the folly list.

3 thoughts on “Folly: SuperSlicer gone wrong

  1. It’ 3 am and I’m reading ” Eating Well” magazine recipes on my nook. Now i will have cumin scented wheat berry and lentil soup dreams. Yes, I am nuts. Great mag , tho

  2. Avoid recipes, such as meatballs or bread, that require hand kneading while wearing fake fingernails. You wouldn’t want a guest to be the lucky diner who finds that missing pinky nail !

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