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Don’t be afraid of kale!

So a recent expedition of mine has been including kale into my diet. Little lesson for those who don’t know what kale is (I could have used this in my research) it’s a cruciferous vegetable similar in appearance to your average lettuce or leafy green. It’s a cancer fighting, cholesterol lowering veggie full of fiber and vitamins. It is considered a top contender for one of the healthiest foods.

Kale is also known for it’s more…cardboard- like taste. However I’m here to say it really isn’t that bad.

I have yet to use kale in a cooking method such as soups or a stir fry but I have used it in raw form. I’ve used kale in salads and my favorite thus far: smoothies!

It seems weird for those who stray from odd-colored liquids, but depending what you add to it – it can really have great flavor (despite the misleading, unattractive green slop appearance that may make those with weak stomachs cringe).

Example of a smoothie: This morning I had kale, a few slices of mango, half a kiwi, a spoonful of greek non-fat yogurt and frozen grapes in place of ice cubes to give it a thicker consistency. I have a little mini, one drink blender that I use so it seems full when I add everything, however it only comes out to about a half a cup. This is great paired with a piece of whole wheat toast topped with some almond butter!

If you’ve got a great smoothie machine – you may have less of a struggle than I, but either way it’s a great breakfast choice or mid morning pick-me-up.

Any other kale recipes from kale lovers?

One thought on “Don’t be afraid of kale!

  1. Just a suggestion from a fellow “foodie”…….try adding sliced almonds, chia seeds, and some flaked unsweetened coconut to your smoothies. Delicious!! Also, keep frozen chunks of fruit on hand to add in rather than ice cubes.

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