The Weather for Running…Finally!




The northeast coast is finally experiencing some excellent running weather! No more runny nose freezing to your face, no more wind whipping your cheeks to an ungodly shade of red and no more wishing you put on an extra layer! Well…I hope.

This winter season has been very unpredictable with weather – mid-day the sun is shining and birds are chirping, but by evening there’s 5 inches of snow, and more falling on top of that.

I’ll keep it in the hopeful present: This morning was probably the best run I’ve had in a long time. I am no Olympic long distance runner, but as of this morning I know I’d like to push myself to increase my mileage.

Waking up early for work isn’t fun and making sure I wake up at least 15 minutes earlier than usual to run is a bit of a drag too, but I do it! I spend Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings doing a simple 1 mile run around my block, each run trying to beat my time from the last. My best time is about 8’40” and I’ve averaged about the same weekly (fluctuating between 8′ 45″ and 9-ish). Well, this Friday I was lucky enough to work from home meaning I had a little more time in the morning for an extra mile.

The weather was perfect, my music had me moving and I even found that I probably could have gone a little lighter on the clothing choice, but none-the-less it was awesome. I finished exactly two miles in about 16 minutes, 8 minute miles. I’m proud (all you marathon runners out there finishing at 6 minutes, good for you, but let me catch up!). I’m finally looking forward to the spring running season. I can’t wait to get myself back in ultimate running shape and continue challenging myself with new interval and mile time routines. I’ll be sure to share as the weather gets warmer and the workouts get harder!

Anyone else interested…here’s a great article from Shape Magazine on How to Run a Faster 5K.

Strength training is always important too! Keep your legs strong (this coming from a girl called “Crazy Legs” on her college lacrosse team), especially those prone to injury like myself, the shin splint queen. Make sure you’re taking good care of your body with enough rest as well!

I’d love to hear fellow bloggers’ running routines and ways to increase mileage and/or decrease time!

3 thoughts on “The Weather for Running…Finally!

  1. Yes, this winter has been painfully long. Looking forward to the continued warmer weather. Interval training was always the way I improved my times. BTW, love the purple shoes.

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