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When Hunger Strikes: My Two Week Chronicle of the Amazon Herb Cleanse

I was roped in by the way my boss made this Amazon Herb Spring Detox sound. You get to eat (minimally of course) and enjoy feeling rejuvenated and healthy after two weeks…why not!

Food_Fitness_Folly amazon herb

Today was day 1 of the detox and I must say, it went pretty smoothly. The morning starts with a breakfast before 9 of only certain accompaniments to greens, greens, and more greens! This is paired with a few select herbal supplements – I’ve gotten numerous sarcastic remarks in just a day on this segment. I felt satiated throughout most of the day and only a little rumble or two escaped by noon.

Lunch is before 4 and also entails specified additions to GREENS, GREENS, GREENS! Insert a second round of supplements here. Again, I was satiated for a few hours and felt good enough for a 2 mile run as well.

Two “snacks” are allotted throughout the day (with limitations) and I only used up one coupon today. I don’t think there’s a “rollover” opportunity though…

I feel good and not any less myself today. I must admit, I started getting hungry by about 8 pm but my stubborn mind won’t let me give in.

I do believe the strongest solider in any battle is your mind. Most everything is mental – if you think you can, you can. It’s important to me to be true to this detox, not only because I can’t wait to count backward on the scale and tighten that measuring tape, but because I believe this is truly a refreshing, new start. My mind is a very messy place to be – from the scattered thoughts to the responsibilities and bookings up to 3 months ahead. I am looking forward to a fresh start in my physical health and my health and peace of mind.

I’m also looking forward to breakfast tomorrow….

Stay tuned for the journey as I look forward to sharing and hopefully hearing some feedback and motivation along the way!

Has anyone ever done a detox of any sort? I’m curious to hear your trials and tribulations as well as success stories. What foods did you find most difficult to give up and what, if any, was hard to re-incorporate?

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