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Mental Meets Physical: Get Healthy!

In my endless journey of research and health discoveries, I’ve come across a lot of different suggestions for “getting healthy.”  I found this post on MindBodyGreen (an excellent site for daily wellness articles) and I found a lot of these points to be pretty big eye-openers. We may know it, but do we practice it? The article discusses what to stop doing to get healthy. I’ve covered the points below with some of my own personal input but feel free to check out the actual article here.

Stop Doing These 7 Things if You Want To Get Healthy:

1. Stop with the excuses. 

Okay, if you have a broken leg – don’t run. But what this means is that there’s no excuse for excuses. Enough of the personal pity parties! Most of the time you’re making these excuses to yourself. Sorry, but I don’t think you’re going to get away with it!

2. Stop skipping workouts. 

Everyone is a culprit of this, no matter who you are you’ve definitely skipped a workout or two in your lifetime. If not, kudos Superman! I’ve found that creating a weekly regime (although not always easy to stick to) will help you keep your workouts on track. Give yourself extra options in case something interferes. Running late at work and have too much to do after? Fit in a late night yoga sesh or do an at home tabata workout when you get in – you’ll relieve stress and get your workout in! It’s okay to let one day a week be your off day. If you’re feeling guilty, go for a nice walk or do some cleaning around the house to get your body moving. Side note: try “cheat meals” not “cheat days.

3. Stop self-defeating thoughts.

“The Law of Attraction.” If you fill your head with negative thoughts, you’re allowing them to happen. “I’ll never lose this 10 pounds” only gets you one step closer to that triple fudge brownie. Easier said than done, but take control over your mind and allow yourself to believe you can achieve, because the truth is – YOU CAN!

4. Stop ignoring strength training. 

I’ve had the best results in toning and losing weight when I incorporate strength training into my routine. Numerous research shows that it’s key for optimal weight loss. And you don’t need a gym membership to benefit! Like the article says, there’s plenty of at home workouts you can do to strength train. Bodyrock.TV has some pretty intense at home workouts (don’t be intimidated: see number 3). Want to add some weights without spending the cash? Fill a water bottle with loose change (this way you’re money isn’t going anywhere!).

5. Stop mindless eating. 

I am probably one of the biggest culprits here. When you eat, just eat. Don’t sit on your computer or flip through channels. Eat your food and enjoy every moment of it.  And for all you “bored eaters” remind yourself: You are bored, you are not hungry! You just finished that wonderful raw kale salad with yummy veggies and now you’re wandering around your pantry wondering what is next. Let your body tell you when it’s satiated. Listen to it! Don’t over-indulge.

6. Stop avoiding the scale.

I am going to have to respectfully disagree with this suggestion. I can see the reasoning behind avoiding to remind yourself what you are working for, however I believe you should not let the scale run your life! Remember, muscle weighs more than fat and if you’re strength training you may not see a decrease in your weight. If you’re looking for results, try measuring your waist and see if you’re trimming the “fat” or just ask your best friend – pick one that will be brutally honest!

7. Stop skimping on sleep.

Skimping on sleep is the biggest reason for number 1, making excuses. You had to stay out that extra hour last night with your friends and you’re paying for as you roll out of bed at 7 am to get ready for work. The last thing you want to do is go for a run or squeeze in an interval workout. Get your sleep and save your nights out for days when you can sleep in – it’ll be worth it in the morning when you get back from that 3 mile run feeling like a million bucks instead of leaking out the tequila from last night. Have your fun, but don’t let it get in the way of your success and health!


What are some of your biggest hurdles in staying healthy?

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