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A Positive Spin on a Cynical Cliche

To strategically misquote Dr. Seuss: Oh the things you’ll think…..when you’re alone with yourself.

caution steep hill

While alone on a run the other morning, I took a new route. I had been tired of dreading the same hill every time I ran and decided to conquer it by switching up the direction and taking the downhill angle of that awful, awful hill. Then it hit me….

“It’s all downhill from here” is one of the most dreaded sayings in the English language (not to mention depressing, overused and trite). However, to a runner, it’s some of the sweetest words ever. I thought about how happy I was to know that (after battling a new hill I only thought was easier) the rest of my run would be smooth sailing downhill.

Pertaining to life, who would want to think that way? Who wants to imagine their life going downhill after defeating a tough uphill struggle. Who wants to find out that taking a new path, conquering a new hill only leads you back downhill. I do…

Taking that new route led me to face down at that old “mountain” that once mocked me and gave me such resentment and anxiety. It’s like taking a look at an obstacle in a different perspective, a positive perspective. Much like the simple phrase “it’s all downhill from here” can have various meanings depending on the mind in use.

I took a different path to look at my “troubles” from an easier, manageable angle. Of course I still had to run up a hill to get there – but then, nothing is ever completely easy!



However, downhill doesn’t mean to hold back! Check out Kinetic Fix’s post, Hills: Your not-so-secret trick to running this year. Her pointers for conquering hills, up and down, are pretty on point as I still strive to master my hilly new town (and life!).


Share your tips for beating those tough hills, literally or figuratively. I’d love to hear it!



One thought on “A Positive Spin on a Cynical Cliche

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I like your advice on taking a positive approach to obstacles. I used to avoid hilly routes, but after I realized that they make the flat runs even more enjoyable (because I’m in better shape), I actually enjoy the challenge. It really is all about perspective!

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