The Ultimate Yoga Experience

So I finally found my way into a legit yoga class this evening. I found a Groupon deal and decided it was about time I upgrade from the YouTube hunt for a good enough yoga video. I bought the Groupon and went to Beginners Yoga.

It was a small classroom with just enough people to fill it. A majority of the women were much older than me and I felt somewhat out of place right off the bat. Of course they were very personable and I made a few older friends. After noticing I was one of the youngest in the class, less the instructor, I think it was then that I developed a slightly negative perspective on what this class would be like. Would this be slow and easy? Was I going to get a good workout out of this? Should I have taken “All Levels?”

The answers to my questions came quickly: it was slow an easy, I didn’t really get an intense workout from it and maybe I should have taken “all levels”…but then I would have missed out on an important epiphany.

I went through a series of negative thoughts as each yoga move didn’t hurt one bit, didn’t strain or challenge me as much as I’d hoped.  I wanted to physically feel stretched, torn, beaten and bruised.  I was chasing a physical result. But what I got was worth much, much more.

About half way through the class I stopped fighting myself. I stopped the negative thoughts and had an enlightened moment where I let myself be absorbed by the breath, by the movement, by the tranquility of that yoga class. I forgot about the pulling and stretching and instead focused on how each breath and each feeling and movement was all connected by one thing – my mind. For the first time in a very long time my mind was at peace.

This yoga class did not exactly challenge me physically, but it was a hell of a mental challenge – one that I proudly overcame. I dropped the pessimism, cleared my messy mind and allowed myself to enjoy the moment. I forgot about chasing results and examining the personal, physical gain and allowed myself to just take this yoga class for what it was supposed to be. A moment of clarity, a moment of self acceptance and a moment of peace.



Those of you who have  yet to try yoga in an actual studio surrounded by people looking for the same peace of mind, I highly recommend finding your way to a studio.



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