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Subdue Stress: Featured Article to Help the Stress Struggle

Everyone experiences it…that pesky feeling when your heart rate increases, your blood begins to boil, your face heats up and the next person to come within 10 feet of you is going to get it. No matter the root cause, stress creates an unhealthy effect on our bodies and minds. We are only human and this being said our bodies are designed to experience stress and react to it. It is the genetically installed fight or flight mechanism that generates our response to stress – this can be good or bad.


Stress that continues without any alleviation leads to negative reactions including physical symptoms (headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, sleeping problems). Too much stress triggers an emotional response that, without a release point, does the mind a little too much damage.

I found a great post with quite a long list of ways to “relieve stress and relax.” Check out: 105 Ways to Relieve Stress & Relax on I think that just testing out and embracing a few of these little techniques will do the mind, body and soul a whole lot of good.

Clear your mind, try something new, find your inner peace, eat healthy and exercise. Sounds simple enough, but it’s all about putting it into play! Give it a try, you just might improve your day!

Our diets are also extremely important to defeating the added stress of our lives. Cut the sugar and up the greens to beat the highs and lows!

What are your stress tricks?


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