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Take a Hike: Loosen Up With Nature

One of the most amazing things about stepping outside on a beautiful warm, breezy day is that it may have the power to cure all afflictions!

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Spending a whole day in the warmth and vitality of nature will do your mind, body and soul a whole lot of good! It can also become a great cross training day too!

After a restless night of no sleep on Friday, I woke up Saturday thinking the only way to fix my mental state of jaundice would be to get up and go outside. Well, I was right.

I roped up my family’s dog and headed out for a walk to the river. The minute I hit the trail my mind released itself. I forgot about all that was inhibiting my happiness and let it all go with the cool morning breeze. By the time I got home I was still riding that spiritual, natural high and did some writing.

My nature-packed day (thankfully) didn’t end there. My sisters and I packed up a couple of bags with trail mix and water and headed out to a hiking trail not far off from our house. They had been here plenty of times before, but we wanted to explore some new routes. We followed the initial “moderate slope” trail but wandered off in a challenging, fulfilling journey to the lower falls.


With my mind free and easy, we continued along the rocky stream to the falls and spent a moment enjoying the view upon arrival.

After leading my sisters in a most ridiculous path back and sharing a few laughs at my expense, we made it back to the car.With the journey complete I had a few more moments alone with “peace of mind” – an old friend I have trouble staying in connection with.

The most important message, one I am still learning myself, is to make sure you give yourself that moment of tranquility and peacefulness. Putting yourself out in nature can be one (amazing) way. If you’re not a nature buff, try yoga, running, writing or meditation. In a constant conquest to find the answer, maybe it’s a lot simpler than we all think. Maybe it’s all in our heads…then again, maybe that’s the problem.



How do you find your peace?

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