Strength Training: The Underestimated Fat Burner

As avid runners/bikers/swimmers, athletes, fitness junkies and the average Joe may be aware – strength training is key for any fitness program.

Strength training helps reduce body fat, increases lean muscle and boosts stamina – so don’t skip it! Strength training also helps increase the body’s ability to burn calories even when in rest mode! So mix in some circuits or interval strength training into your weekly workout along side your cardio to feel your best!

Check out 7 Benefits of Circuit Training from, a great summation of the health and fitness benefits with the one little setback.

Strength training can be done in almost any setting, which is perfect for those on a budget that does not include the gym! Body weight workouts like push-ups, crunches and squats can be incorporated into any routine (check out my Tabata Style workout post for a body weight, cardio routine!) However those who make use of their local gym or have their own set of weights may love my latest routine created by my personal trainer and boyfriend.

After completing the 4 week Spartacus program (not just for men!), I asked my boyfriend to create a new weekly circuit for me. The circuit is 3 days a week and only takes about 30 minutes to complete and it will still kick your butt. It incorporates legs, arms and core into each set as a total body workout. Check it out below and, if you’re interested, test it out yourself and let me know what you think!


Perform each 3 set twice through, 40 seconds on and 20 off. Take a 1 minute break after each set of 3. I suggest downloading or purchasing a Tabata interval app. I use Tabata Pro which works just perfect for me!





Day 1:
Set 1:
DB Front & Lateral Shoulder Raises

Set 2:
Single Leg Dead Lift (Romanian Dead Lift)
DB Row with Twist
Plank Tri-Extension

Set 3:
Movement Step-Ups (pick your favorite routine like quick feet toe touches on a bench/ box or speed step-ups)
Squat to Shoulder Press and Calf Raise (all around torcher!)
Flutter Kicks

Day 2:
Set 1:
Sumo Squat
Shoulder Punches

Set 2:
Dead Lift
Curl and Press
Medicine Ball Twist

Set 3:
Crossover Lung (with Leg Raise optional)
Bent Over Rows
Toe Touches (choose your own variations and challenge yourself!)

Day 3:
Set 1:
DB Deep Squat
Overhead Tri-Extension
Plank with Leg Lift

Set 2:
DB Front & Lateral Shoulder Raises

Set 3:
Side Lunges
Reverse Fly
Any Preferred Core

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