Fitness Friday

Happy Black Friday!

I’ve decided to let my fitness posts continue to be complement of my boyfriend. He has put me through some of the most difficult, strenuous and gratifying workouts and there’s no better place to share them than here!

I saw a really great American Heart Association advertisement that really inspired this Fitness Friday post.

Heart Applause

Well, I have to admit that after this (following) workout, my heart was a concert hall of applause. I was sore for days and was reminded each time I walked up or down steps, attempted a squat, or bent down to pick something up!

The heavy breathing, increased heart rate and sweat dripping from your forehead is a sure sign that you’re doing something right, so don’t stop! Feeling tired and sore isn’t a reason for quitting, it’s an indication that you’re making improvements and the only way to keep improving is to continue to push yourself a little harder each time.

If you’re looking for a challenge or if you’re already in superstar mode and need a new workout then I highly suggest the Speed Training Workout Below. My boyfriend uses it for its specific (and obvious) purpose, Speed Training, but it truly is a powerful weekly workout that will keep you agile, fit and strong. You can interchange the segments of the workout with your own existing or try it out in its intense glory. I’ve included some links to sample exercises for the more generic terms.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes for you!

Speed Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up

(8-10 minutes)

Instead of static stretching as a warm-up, perform athletic movements that activate your muscles and increase your range of motion.

• Forward and Backward Runs (gradually increase speed)

• High Knees

• Butt Kicks

• Forward and Backward Skips

• Lateral Shuffle

• Carioca


(8-10 minutes)

Once your muscles are warmed up, it’s time to increase the intensity with exercises designed to develop explosive lower-body power.

• Power Skips (maximum height)

• Power Skips (maximum distance)

• Lateral Skaters

• Split-Squat Jumps

• Squat Jumps

• Ankle Hops

• Broad Jumps


(8-10 minutes)

The next series of exercises emphasizes lower-body strength, balance, and core stability.

• DB Walking Lunges (forward, backward, lateral)

• Planks

• Single-Leg Balance Drills- (regular, on toe, eyes closed)


(8-10 minutes)

Agility drills should reflect the demands of your sport and focus on acceleration, deceleration, change of

direction and reaction. Agility drills can use cones, hurdles, and/or agility ladders. Perform each drill at

max speed. (Subject to change)

4-Cone Drill (There are many variations, try them out and use which one gives you the best workout)

3-Cone Drill

Pro Agility Shuttle

Slalom Drill

Ladder Drills


(8-10 minutes)

The final segment of this speed workout includes running drills that increase endurance.

• Sprints (including Resisted and Assisted Sprints)

• Interval Runs

• Shuttle Runs

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