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Just another “Life is like…” post

Life is like a run on the first day of spring.

The well-known and much-anticipated essence of spring is warmth, growth and bliss. Therefore when you prep to head outside on the warmest day of the past few months (or what seemed like the longest winter ever) you expect to step out into the light, radiant late afternoon just as they described it on the news.

But the first run of spring, like life, is not always as you expect it to be.

After about a quarter-mile, through the endorphins and the glorious rays of sun, you start to notice the wind whipping you in the face. Though you attempt to ignore it and embrace the positive – the sun and fresh air – you can’t help but wish away the opposing force.

You take a sharp left down a side street in an attempt to avoid the blasts and before you even think about applauding your clever cut, you reach a dead-end. It is here that you must turn around and head back to face the whipping wind.

You come to a point where you may have lost all hope, all motivation. Yet, just as you think about calling your mom to pick you up, you reach the loop on your path that swings you around to the road home. Now, with the wind at your back and the sun in your face, you’re on the fast track home – the gusty breeze now aiding your efforts.

Before you know it, you’ve reached the finish line. There is nothing sweeter than the surge of victory, knowing your hard work got you where you wanted.

So maybe it’s true that you choose the paths you take in life, but you never know which way the wind will blow.

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