The Goshen Quarterly

I’ve recently been asked to assist with a great project: The Goshen Quarterly. This is a local town magazine ran four times each year to discuss Goshen, NY events and happenings. The Editor-In-Chief, Mr. John Kidd runs similar issues for other local towns in my area. I had reached out to him a few months back to assist with his project as I admired his work and dedication. At the time, the budget didn’t have room for an assistant, but he said he’d get me some experience. A few months went by and he had approached me about assisting with the compilation of a new project, The Goshen Quarterly. This was in, about, December and since John Kidd has had preliminary meetings to develop two more town quarterlies. The amount of work he puts into these issues is admirable and I am very honored to be a part of Goshen’s magazine.

I am also very excited (and I must say I’m proud) that I am officially a published writer. The image below is a little “pic-stitch” of some of the images of the issue in which it shows my little bio, and a few shots of the name recognition for my articles. This has been a great opportunity and I look forward to continuing to write and create stories for this quarterly as I will update and post in this page with each issue. I’m just happy to say I’ve taken the next step, only up from here!

Find your bliss, and never stop.

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