Issue 1: Kelley Jean’s Restaurant

Kelley Jean’s Restaurant

A Nice Contrast to Goshen’s Historic Vibe

by Sara Schmidt, Photos by Stefan Baumann and John Kidd

Kelley Jeans is quickly becoming the new place in town where everybody knows your name. The newly remodeled green building on North Church Street houses a beautifully bright and updated interior that’s accented by large ceilings and a classy decor. Its wonderful ambiance is enough to suit any crowd. Kelley English had always wanted to open her own restaurant. With motive and incentive, she eared a business degree from Lasell College in Massachusetts. “I’ve always liked cooking, baking, and entertaining.” Kelley explained, “I never stopped.” After deciding she still wanted to continue towards her dream, she attended the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, receiving a diploma in Culinary Management. Kelley’s dream was soon to become a reality, but it was going to take a little persuasion and a lot of hard work.

After scoping out real estate in Goshen, Kelley found a location in 2009. To some individuals in the village, the thought of a sports bar in the middle of their notable historic town came as a bit of a scare; however, after five months of meetings at the planning board she finally received approval, and construction began in October of 2010. By December, the restaurant was up and running.

People are growing tired of the typical chain restaurants, and Kelley Jean’s offers a breath of fresh air. Kelley describes her restaurant as a place for all. Young and old, families and singles alike, the truth lies inside. Kelley’s tables and stools fill up throughout the day. Weekend evenings bring in the regulars alongside a steady flow of people simply trying to escape the long, demanding work week. Looking for a glass of relaxation, the weekday lunch hours are filled with professionals catching a bite. And if you’re into sports, then this is the place to be! It not only offers fans a plethora of flat screen TV’s above the fully stocked bar, but there’s also one in every booth along the wall! Every now and then, the place is even filled with bagpipe players. Add that to a beer partnership with Dana Distributors, it’s always the first to offer newly trending beers with the freshest taste. It doesn’t get any better than that!

While the drinks are flowing, so are the ovens. “The Irish Nachos,” Kelley explained, “have to be my best signature dish.” She describes them as a culmination of culinary variations she’s observed over the years. Kelley’s boyfriend Andrew is the inspiration behind the upstate-originated roast beef sandwich on a Kaiser roll with caraway seeds and kosher salt, served with au jus and a side of horseradish. Their Reuben has also received great reviews. So what’s the secret behind all of that amazing flavor? As for now, they’re not telling! You’ll have to stop on by and ask for yourself!

Kelley Jean’s is located at 145 North Church St, Goshen NY. Jean’s Restaurant

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