10 for 10 Abs

It’s tough to fit in time for workouts, lots of people can relate to that. I love great 10-20 minute cardio workouts that you can squeeze into your morning routine and feel a little better about yourself during the day. As for abs….I feel like there is so much out there, when will I ever have time to try them all? Well…with this 10 for 10 workout, I can mix it up!

I’ve started doing a “10 for 10” ab workout every other morning. What this entails is doing 10 sets of 10 different ab routines. With this, you can include all your favorite, most killer ab workouts and change it up each time to incorporate those cool ones you’ve seen on Pinterest or blogs and want to try out. This may be more for the beginner/intermediate as the advanced ab-buster may be looking to cover more than (just over) 100 ab moves (p.s. I’m jealous of your six pack).

I’ll provide an example of what I do during my usual 10 for 10 Ab Workout..with a little inspiration—>abs

10 crunches
10 spread leg crunches
10 bicycles
10o blique crunches  (each side, here’s 10 extra!)
10 leg raises (any variety)
10 toe touches/heels to the sky
10 scissor crunches (any cross body lift and crunch)
10 full sit up to v-up
10 knee push-ups (touch elbow to knee, great for core)
1 minute plank, this is your either your final #10 or your extra add on.

Like I said, you can interchange your favorite moves or add new ones you’ve been wanting to try but are too embarassed to do them wrong at the gym. Just roll out of bed and onto the floor and get yourself started.

Finish with a nice routine: 50 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 20 mountain climbers and a great stretch. Get your body up and at-em when you least want to be. Trust me, you’ll feel better throughout the day.

I’d love to hear some new moves if you’ve got em! Challenge me please!

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