Spartacus Circuit

I had been looking for an extra workout to complete my week’s routine and pull together my weekday workouts. Last Friday on my day off, my boyfriend Andrew and I went to the gym together and I persuaded him to let me workout with him. Both of us strive working out on our own, but he makes me want to work harder and I needed the push! Guess working out with a buddy does help!

He had mentioned this circuit workout he was doing that he loved and I was intrigued. He walked me through a Tabata style strength training workout which was truly awesome. If you’ve got a busy day and only planned on spending about a half hour at the gym – this workout is perfect!

I love it because it targets multiple muscle groups and incorporates my weekly routine all rolled up in one: arms, legs and core!

**Something I’ve learned from my new yoga expeditions (and something Andrew is very versed at) is to remember to breath! It promotes optimal results and control!

Circuit Fridays as adapted from Andrew Romanella’s Spartacus Workout

Peform each triple set 2 x’s through, each exercise 40 seconds on, 20 off (again, twice through). Rest for 1 minute then begin next set with same format.

Triple Set 1:triple set 1

Plank with Single Leg Lift: Squeeze glutes and tighten your core while lifting left leg about a foot off the floor (not too high). Place leg back down, switch & repeat.

Dumbbell Chop: Start with weight by side with knees bent at 45 degree angle.Swing arms across body and raise dumbbell into air, legs still bend, twisting middle section (kettle ball or medicine ball works great too!).

Dumbbell Lunge: Perform deep lunges, dumbbells in hand. *For an added bonus, perform biceps curls with each lunge.

Triple Set 2:triple set 2

Single-Leg Romanian Dead Lift: Dumbbells in hand- on one leg, lean forward and bend knee at 45 degree angle. Keep back straight & head up. Extend other leg back to help with balance. Return to start and repeat.

Dumbbell Push Press: Knees in athletic 45 degree stance (low lunge). Start with dumbbells at shoulders, knuckles up. Explode up through your legs and press dumbbells up simultaneously raising to your heels.

Dumbbell Squat: Perform deep squats with 1 dumbbell held at chest.

Triple Set 3:triple set 3

One Arm Row: Legs bent in athletic stance, arms hanging forward- raise one arm at a time bending the elbow and bringing dumbbell towards chest, switch and repeat.

Side Lunge: With or without dumbbells, extend one leg out to the side and lower into lunge. Return to center, switch and repeat. * Make this a cardio move by adding some speed and a hop to your reps. OR to increase the burn add a strengthening move like a shoulder or overhead raise in-between!

Dumbbell Dead Lift: Legs at 45 degree angle, dumbbells in hand. Swing your hips back keeping your back straight.  Lean forward, bending legs. Explode up through legs and bring hips back. * Be conscious of your motions as to avoid back injury.

The great thing about these circuits is that instead of working to complete reps you’re working on a timer which allows you the time to improve your form! Feel free to share your circuit workout secrets or variations! I’d love to try!

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