Speed Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up

(8-10 minutes)

Instead of static stretching as a warm-up, perform athletic movements that activate your muscles and increase your range of motion.

• Forward and Backward Runs (gradually increase speed)

• High Knees

• Butt Kicks

• Forward and Backward Skips

• Lateral Shuffle

• Carioca


(8-10 minutes)

Once your muscles are warmed up, it’s time to increase the intensity with exercises designed to develop explosive lower-body power.

• Power Skips (maximum height)

• Power Skips (maximum distance)

• Lateral Skaters

• Split-Squat Jumps

• Squat Jumps

• Ankle Hops

• Broad Jumps


(8-10 minutes)

The next series of exercises emphasizes lower-body strength, balance, and core stability.

• DB Walking Lunges (forward, backward, lateral)

• Planks

• Single-Leg Balance Drills- (regular, on toe, eyes closed)


(8-10 minutes)

Agility drills should reflect the demands of your sport and focus on acceleration, deceleration, change of

direction and reaction. Agility drills can use cones, hurdles, and/or agility ladders. Perform each drill at

max speed. (Subject to change)

• 4-Cone Drill (There are many variations, try them out and use which one gives you the best workout)

• 3-Cone Drill

• Pro Agility Shuttle

• Slalom Drill

• Ladder Drills


(8-10 minutes)

The final segment of this speed workout includes running drills that increase endurance.

• Sprints (including Resisted and Assisted Sprints)

• Interval Runs

• Shuttle Runs

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