A Black and White Sunset

When rummaging through my old Journalism and Public Relations notes today to find old notes on writing a press release, I became somewhat entranced looking through a folder of old assignments. I couldn’t remember writing half of them, yet it seemed that I poured so much of myself into a lot of the assignments. Unfortunately a few of them were B grades, but one write-up stuck out. There was no grade, but at the bottom of this short assignment my professor had written “Really good Sara. Super descriptive!” I had to re-read it to see what it was. I believe it was an assignment on “descriptive journalism” in which, from what I do remember, she had us just write with as much description as possible. Why did I picked this topic? I don’t remember, but it must have been pretty significant at the time. Here goes:

Imagine the world in black and white. If this were the case you would never fully experience the sight of a sunset on the beach. Sure, you would feel the warm, sensual feeling on your face, arms and legs. You would feel the sting of sunburn after long hours of basking in its warmth. There’s no doubt that during those long hours you would begin to feel the effects of the heat as sweat drips from your forehead and upper lip and cumulates in crevices of your body. The feeling of the warm, coarse grains of sand between your toes would not diminish in the slightest. But if the world were black and white, you would never know how beautiful the sight of that sunset really was?

Without color, you would never experience the yellows, golds, oranges, reds and even the tints of purple that appear as the sun disappears over the horizon line. The shades of yellow are what partially blind us as we strain to look at the beautiful sight, but you would never know if all was black, grey and white. Without color, there may not even be the idea of blinding brightness, instead just the philosophical concept that when it is not dark it is light.

The sun illuminates with amazing colors on the horizon line of a crystalline, aqua surface of water created from reflections of the now darkening, blue sky. Black, white and grey do not give enough life to the churning ocean. The shades of blue are accentuated by the darker shades signifying depth and lighter shades of blue highlighting the crest of waves peacefully crashing into each other as they reach the shore. How would you ever fully appreciate the color that the water takes as it hits the sand and depreciates back into the large body of ocean? A white line hitting a grey line? No, an off-white, tan complexion dirtied by the inhabitants of the ocean appears as the foamy ocean water creates a break against the tiny grains of tan, gold, grey, blue, orange grains of sand that accumulate to create a large and vast structure of which to hold you up for you to enjoy such a serene and ever-so-colorful setting. Envision the world in black and white. What would you see then?

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