Just a Few Steps In

“So close to the road, but can’t really hear it; just a few steps in”

The commotion and noise is so close, yet so far. You’re only footprints away from the whizzing and whirring of a passerby as they race to their destinations, the honking and yelling as they curse the slow movers and the gust of asphyxiating air as they fly by.

The sound of wheels on pavement is disfigured by the croak of a lonely toad. The tapping of feet on pavement conforms to the slight crunch of dead leaves muffled against soft dirt. The surge of toxic air is replaced by a brisk breeze smelling faintly of pond scum; still not aesthetically pleasing, but not manufactured.

Behind the thick brush and trees, the sound waves are now almost completely void of noxious disturbances. The distant whistle of a bird sending his song across the trees breaks the barrier. The curt chirp of an insect as it navigates its minature forest of grass and rocks stirs the silence. The small splash of a fish, or maybe that toad, wakes the air waves. All noise is lost to the harmonious, natural music that envelops the air. All just a few steps in.

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